Dr. Rebecca Curnalia


Dr. Rebecca Curnalia - Professor of Communications

Associate Professor in the Department of Communication


  • PhD, Kent State University
  • MA, Northern Illinois University
  • BA, Olivet College

Recent Publications

  • Curnalia, R. M. L., & Ferris, A.L. (in press for 2014). Concepts, Sources, Integration: A Step-by-Step Guiding to Writing Your Literature Review in Communication. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L. (in press for 2014). Fear Tactics in Political Campaigns. In M. Shally-Jensen (Ed.) American Political Culture: An Encyclopedia. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L. (2014). Frugal reality TV during the Great Recession: A qualitative content analysis of TLC’s Extreme Couponing. In A. F. Slade, D. Givens-Carooll, & A. J. Narro (Eds) Reality Television: Oddities of Culture. Lexington Press.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L., & Mermer, D. L. (2014). The ‘Ice Queen’ melted and it won her the primary: Evidence of gender stereotypes and the double bind in news frames of Hillary Clinton’s ‘emotional moment’. Qualitative Research Reports in Communication, 15.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L., & Wecht, C. L., & Ferris, A. L. (2014). Becoming a Critic: An Introduction to Analyzing Media Content. Dubuque, IA: Kendall-Hunt.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L., & Mermer, D. L. (2013). Integrating uses and gratifications with the theory of planned behavior to explain political disaffection and engagement. American Communication Journal, 15.
  • Curnalia, R. M. L. (2013). The frightening state of political discourse: A case study of the use of fear in the 2012 GOP primary. In C. E. Rountree (Ed.) Venomous Rhetoric on the Political Right and Left. Praeger.

Research Interests

  • Persuasion theory as it applies to political campaigns, news, and ideology in entertainment media
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning

Recent Awards

  • Dean’s Award for Curricular Innovation, 2014
  • Top three competitive paper, Eastern Communication Association Annual Conference, 2013
  • Distinguished Professor in University Service, 2012
  • Advisor to the OCA Student Organization of the Year, Iota Pi Chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, 2009
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Dr. Rebecca M L Curnalia



Bliss Hall 2017

phone: (330) 475-9295



A theorist and mixed methods researcher specializing in motivation, learning, and attitude theories. As a teacher, I foster a mentoring relationship with my students and work with them through the process of conducting research to study the issues and topics that are personally and professionally relevant to them. As a researcher, I explore individual differences in media uses, motivations, and effects in my research on literacy and learning.

Research Interests

Literacies: Digital, information, media
Teaching and learning
Political activity and knowledge

Teaching Interests

Survey design
Theory applied to social media / digital media
Professional writing / development
Teaching and learning / instructional communication