Dr. Justin Edwards


Justin Edwards

Justin serves as Director for the Office of Career Exploration & Development. With over 15 years connected to the YSU community, Justin is a two-time YSU graduate, holding a Master of Science in Education (2011), and a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with an emphasis in Communication Studies and Chemistry (2009). Justin worked as an academic advisor in the Cliff College of Creative Arts for the first part of his career, before spending three years as a Career Development Coordinator. He completed an Ed.D in Educational Leadership and Management in 2020. His doctoral research focused on the effective integration of career development conversations within academic advising appointments. Since moving into the current role, Justin has lead initiatives related to exploratory advising, including a reimagined Career Exploration and Graduate College Fair, and the creation of a class for exploratory students called CARD 1520: Exploring Majors & Careers. Justin also teaches sections of YSU 1500 and graduate level Career Counseling in for future clinical, school, and higher education counseling candidates.