Dr. Brett Conner

Associate Professor

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Dr. Brett Conner is the Director of Advanced Manufacturing Research Center and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Youngstown State University.  Dr. Conner is also an Entrepreneur in Residence for Additive Manufacturing at the Youngstown Business Incubator. Dr. Conner has research interests in additive manufacturing and 3-D printing of the following: multi-material systems, functional graded materials, shock and energy absorption applications, and complex structures. He is also researching entrepreneurial approaches for additive manufacturing.


Dr. Conner had fifteen years of experience in government and industry prior to joining the faculty at YSU. Dr. Conner served in the U. S. Air Force where he conducted research into materials, led efforts developing space systems, developed technology policy, and managed programs.  His assignments included Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Pentagon.  After the Air Force, Dr. Conner was a contractor supporting the Mine Resistant Ambush Protection (MRAP) Joint Program Office. There, he led teams of engineers to upgrade survivability and automotive performance of these armored vehicles used to protect soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Afterwards, Dr. Conner spent five years at the Alcoa Technical Center where he started in the Alcoa Defense organization and then moved into the Alloy Technology Division.

Dr. Conner is an inventor on two patents and several pending patent applications.  Dr. Conner received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in physics. He has a masters degrees and doctorate from MIT in materials science and engineering. Outside of the classroom and lab, Dr. Conner enjoys having fun with his children, playing and coaching soccer, being around any vehicle that flies, and reading.


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