Dr. Albert Sumell


Photograph of Albert Sumell, professor of Economics


  • Ph.D. in Economics (2005)
    Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Atlanta, GA
  • M.A. in Economics (2003)
    Georgia State University, Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, Atlanta, GA
  • B.A. in Economics (1999)
    Salisbury State University, Salisbury, MD

Research Areas

Urban and Regional Economics, Housing Economics, Economics Education, Public Policy


  • “Increase Interest in Compound Interest: Economic Growth and Personal Finance” (with Tomi Ovaska). Journal of Economics and Finance Education, 2017, 16: 2, 85 – 97.
  • “Fracturing and Foreclosure: A study of shale gas development and foreclosure levels in Pennsylvania.” Housing Studies, 2016, 31: 4, 445- 462.
  • “Who Has the Advantage? An Economic Exploration of Winning in Men’s Professional Tennis.” (with Tomi Ovaska). The American Economist, 2014, LIX: 1, 34 – 51.
  • “A Model of International Student Selection of a U.S. Ph.D. Institution” (with Esra Tanyildiz). Journal of Educational Planning and Administration, 2011, 25: 4, 315 - 335.
  • “The Effect of Tax Structure on Government Size: Evidence from the OECD” (with Tomi Ovaska). Pennsylvania Economic Review, 2011, 18: 1, 24 – 36.
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  • “Who’s Patenting in the University? Evidence from the Survey of Doctorate Recipients” (with Paula Stephan, Shiferaw Gurmu, and Grant Black), Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2007, 16: 2, 71-99.
  • “Firm Placements of New Ph.D.s: Implications for Knowledge Transfer” (with Paula Stephan, Grant Black, and James Adams), The Role of Labour Mobility and Informal Networks for Knowledge Transfer, edited by Dirk Fornahl, C. Zellner and D.B. Audretsch. Spring Verlag. New York, 2005, 125-146.
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  • “A cultural comparison of mindfulness and student performance: Evidence from students in five countries” International Review of Economics Education. 2021, 37: 3.
  • “Overdose Deaths and Entrepreneurial Activity” Economies. 2020, 8: 1, 23-33.
  • “Are your students absent, not absent, or present? Mindfulness and student performance” Journal of Economic Education. 2019, 50: 1, 1-16.
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Dr. Albert Joseph Sumell



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