Online Master of Arts, Financial Economics

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Welcome to the Online Master of Arts, Financial Economics Program

at Youngstown State University


The Master of Arts in Financial Economics program is designed to provide students with a firm understanding of economic theory and how to analyze financial markets. The program is one of only two online programs that allow students to earn a degree specializing in financial economics. The content of the program includes:

  • Analysis of microeconomic and macroeconomic models using calculus
  • Econometric techniques, with special emphasis on the application of regression analysis
  • Application of advanced statistical software, such as Stata and SAS
  • Knowledge of various financial markets, instruments, agents, functions, and intermediaries
  • Knowledge of hedging versus speculating, primary and secondary markets for mortgage loans, and markets for future and options contracts
  • Knowledge of market interest rate swaps, and how to use financial instruments to hedge against interest risk
  • Knowledge of the use of financial models to value financial assets and make value-maximizing choices