MSCJ - Curriculum

A total of 30-semester hours of coursework is required to earn the Master of Science in Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice Management and Program Planning degree.


Catalog # Course Name S.H.
CJFS 6910 Law and Criminal Justice 3
CJFS 6915 Advanced Criminology 3
CJFS 6925 Administration and Management Theory 3
CJFS 6940 Statistical Techniques in Health and Human Services 3
CJFS 6945 Research Methods in Health and Human Services 3
CJFS 6960 Program Planning and Evaluation 3
CJFS 6975 Applied Police and Corrections Management 3
CJFS 6990 Criminal Justice Public Policy Seminar 3
CJFS 6999 Thesis * 3


* Students are encouraged to develop a thesis proposal and form a committee prior to their final semester. Students interested in an assessment project of their own organization or community setting are encouraged to devise the thesis in conjunction with courses in Semester Three. Students interested in legal issues or a secondary analysis project such as occurs in the study of crime rates or public-use behavioral data files are encouraged to develop the proposal during Semester Four. Pre-PhD students may wish to formulate their projects even further to boost their credentials prior to application to doctoral programs in elite institutions. Students may not receive credit for the proposal itself as part of Semester Three and Semester Four courses but can use papers and projects in these classes to build their literature review, develop research methodologies, or engage in exploratory data analysis. Further directions on thesis requirements can be found in the department's Graduate Handbook*.


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