Facility Upgrades

HVAC run times and outside air intake Adjusted operating parameters in campus buildings to increase HVAC run times and also the percentage of outside air intake.  COMPLETE
Air handlers and outside air dampers evaluation Evaluation of campus air handlers and outside air dampers to ensure their effectiveness. The outside air dampers have been or are in the process of being calibrated, replaced or upgraded with new controls to ensure proper operation and, some air handlers are being retrofitted to include variable speed drives allowing us to better control outdoor air streams maximizing outside air flow to spaces. UNDERWAY
Increased disinfection/sanitation Purchase of handheld ultrasonic disinfection units and portable UV-C disinfection units for surface disinfection of areas of suspected contamination. COMPLETE
Enhanced air filtration

After review and initial testing of enhanced air filtration, MERV 13, and where available, MERV 14A/15 filters have been purchased for campus air handlers. Filters will be installed immediately upon receipt. (Due to supply chain issues, the bulk of these filters are scheduled to ship September 30 with the remainder to follow.)

UPDATE 10-14-21: The first order of MERV 14A/15 filters has been received. Filters received for Melnick Hall, Moser Hall, and Meshel Hall have been installed.

UV-C disinfection equipment We have moved forward with design and have contracted for installation of UV-C disinfection equipment for certain facilities which will be installed upon delivery:
  • Ward Beecher Planetarium and common area - Anticipated completion by the end of February 2022
  • Williamson Hall - Anticipated completion by the end of November 2021
  • Other areas are in the process of being designed
Needlepoint bi-polar ionization

Design and installation of needlepoint bi-polar ionization technology to provide disinfection within the building airstream. Some of these systems may be relatively simple to design and install, while others are much more complex.

UPDATE 10-14-21: Equipment has been received for resident rooms in Lyden House, Cafaro House, Kilcawley House, Wick House, Weller House, and Courtyard Apartments. Installation will commence on October 18, 2021 and continue until complete.

Air/Surface Sampling Weekly, air and surface samples from buildings across campus are taken and tested for COVID-19. ONGOING