Face Coverings

Youngstown State University continues to monitor and align its COVID-19 prevention efforts with local, state and federal health information and guidance. Based on current information and effective August 18, 2021 and until further notice, Youngstown State University is requiring all students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a face covering/mask, except as exempted below, when in any indoor location.

Exemptions to Face Covering Requirement:

  1. When a student is alone, with their roommate(s) or in a dining hall when actively eating. Students are expected to wear masks in common areas.
  2. When exercising alone.
  3. When an employee is working alone in an assigned work area (a single office or outdoors).
  4. When face coverings in the work setting are prohibited by law or regulation.
  5. When face coverings are in violation of documented industry standards.
  6. When face coverings are in violation of the University’s documented safety policies.
  7. When there is a functional or medical reason for an employee not to wear a face covering in the workplace and it has been approved in writing by the employee’s supervisor and the Office of Employee Occupational Health and Safety. In those instances, the employee should consistently maintain at least 6’ feet of physical distance from all other persons.
  8. Instructional staff have the right to modify the face-covering requirement for limited periods for instructional reasons and allow a student to remove or limit face-covering requirement, if pedagogically necessary (e.g. voice lessons or wind instruments) and the student consents. In those instances, faculty and other students in the class should maintain at least a distance of 6’ feet from the person not wearing a face covering.

The university will continue to monitor conditions and guidance from the CDC, the State of Ohio and local health officials and adjust masking protocols as needed.

Students seeking an exemption or accommodation not covered above should contact the University’s Office of Accessibility Services at 330-941-1372. Employees seeking an exemption or accommodation not covered above should contact the Human Resources Benefits Manager, Stacey Luce at Benefits@ysu.edu or seluce@ysu.edu.

  • Do I need to wear a face covering on campus?

    Yes, YSU is requiring face coverings for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in indoor public settings on campus. Individuals are not required to wear masks while alone in their offices or while eating. For more detailed information, view the Fall 2021 tab on the YSU COVID-19 website.

  • Why is YSU requiring face coverings on campus?

    After spending considerable time gathering and assessing the latest local data on COVID-19 and the Delta variant, including meetings with local health officials and discussions with campus pandemic response committees, YSU made the decision to require face coverings for everyone. Four of the counties in our five-county region are currently designated as “high” transmission areas – Mahoning, Trumbull, Columbiana and Lawrence, Pa. Mercer County, Pa., is currently designated as “substantial.” If and when these levels fall to acceptable levels, we could reconsider the masking requirement. Masking indoors is yet another way we can help our local communities stop the spread and keep all students, faculty, staff and visitors safe as we return to in-person classes and fully reopen campus. Local, state and federal health officials support masking indoors, and our ongoing survey of students and employees also shows a great deal of support.

  • What should I do if a student is not wearing a mask in my class?

    Kindly inform the student that they must wear a mask to class with respect to the YSU mask mandate. If the student does not have a mask, it would be appropriate to ask them to leave the class for that day, or refer them to the dean’s office, or EOHS (Cushwa 2208), to receive a free mask. If the student's behavior causes a significant disruption to the class, this should be reported to the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct. Do not contact YSU Police, they are not responsible for enforcing the mask mandate.

  • Is YSU supplying face masks/coverings?

    Aa part of our continued effort to offer the campus the best safety and health protection during the COVID-19 pandemic, YSU is making available N95 respirators, surgical face coverings and KF94 face coverings to employees who request them.

    Please note: To receive an N95, a medical questionnaire must be completed and return in a sealed envelope to EOHS at 2303 Cushwa Hall. The questionnaire will be given to an occupational doctor at Work Med for evaluation. Once cleared by the doctor, EOHS will contact the employee to pick up their respirator(s). At the time of pick up, training will be provided.

    Request: N95 Respirators / KF94 face coverings / surgical face coverings