Classroom Safety and Health Protocols

The following COVID-19 protocols must be considered during the current coronavirus pandemic for Fall 2021 instruction.

General Classroom Guidelines

  • Individuals on campus are required to wear a face covering, regardless of vaccination status, in indoor public settings.
  • Individuals on campus are encouraged to physically distance as is practical.
  • Disinfecting wipes/sprays will be provided in classrooms that are used for face-to-face course instruction
  • Faculty and students should wipe down their work areas at the beginning and end of each class
  • Any concerns/issues should be communicated immediately to EOHS

  • Student Information

    Student Safety Procedures

    • Students must always follow the YSU Safety and Health Guidelines while on campus and attending class.
    • Students should wash their hands frequently in between classes and use hand sanitizer as needed.
    • If you must cough or sneeze, be sure to cover your mouth even with a mask on, using your arm at the elbow joint.
  • Faculty/Staff Information

    Instructor Safety Procedures

    • Faculty must use assigned seating in their classrooms to help contact tracing if a fellow classmate were to be exposed to COVID-19. Classroom layouts.
    • Daily attendance must be performed to determine which students are present for the class to help contact tracing fellow classmates.
    • Faculty should use hand sanitizer before and after touching computers or other shared classroom items.
    • Faculty using classroom technology such as computers should sanitize the keyboard, mouse etc. prior to use

    • What should I do if a student is not wearing a mask in my class?

      Kindly inform the student that they must wear a mask to class with respect to the YSU mask mandate. If the student does not have a mask, it would be appropriate to ask them to leave the class for that day, or refer them to the dean’s office, or EOHS (Cushwa 2208), to receive a free mask. If the student's behavior causes a significant disruption to the class, this should be reported to the Office of Community Standards & Student Conduct. Do not contact YSU Police, they are not responsible for enforcing the mask mandate.

    • What is the process for Contact Tracing in Classrooms?

      According to current guidelines someone who has been around a COVID positive person within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes would be considered a CLOSE CONTACT and subject to a potential quarantine. YSU has COVID support staff that perform contact tracing on campus to identify anyone that may be a close contact to someone that has tested positive. For a classroom setting, the contact tracer will reach out to professors and request the seating chart for the classroom. Based on the seating chart, the contact tracer will call any students that may be considered a close contact (within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes). The contact tracer will interview the person that tested positive as well as any potential close contacts and determine which ones should be advised to quarantine. There are several questions and many different situations that could result in a potential close contact NOT needing to quarantine. And likewise, several reasons a person would need too. That is why each positive case is contact traced individually as they are reported. Any questions about contact tracing or appropriate actions based on contact with a positive case should be direct to the COVID support staff. When in doubt please report the situation with the online COVID report.

    • As a faculty member, how will I be kept in the loop of communication concerning contact tracing of an individual in my class?

      Many (if not most) reports result in the student not needing to quarantine (due to having been vaccinated, etc.). Therefore, faculty will only be notified of the status of contact tracing if, due to a positive case, a seating chart is requested (by EOHS staff). Even in this situation, the name of the student will NOT be shared. In short, it is the responsibility of the contact tracer to determine and notify potential close contacts, not the faculty. The recommendation would be for faculty to remind students who share they are symptomatic, positive, exposed, etc. to submit a COVID reporting form; faculty should subsequently request/require documentation from the student. If the student is unable to provide this, quarantine/isolation was not deemed necessary.