How to Upload Images

How to upload images inside the rich text editor:

  1. Place cursor in area of page where you would like image to go.
  2. Select image (icon) on toolbar (i.e., first row - square mountain icon). Browse server Opening the server browser
  3. On the ‘image info’ tab, click on the ‘browse server’ button
  4. Select department folder under images (under Navigation) Browsing for an image
  5. Click Upload (button) then Browse (button)
  6. Select image file from computer
  7. Select Upload (button) in pop-up window.
  8. Select Browse (button) and locate image on PC. Uploading an image from your computer
  9. Note: in order to resize image before uploading, select Resize (button) before selecting Upload (button). Enter width of image to resize to (i.e., need to know dimensions of image before uploading.  Resize smaller but not larger).  Height will automatically resize according to new width.  Then click Resize (button). Resizing an image
  10. Select Insert File (button)
  11. Enter Alternative text in respective box to best describe image.  Note: for general photos, provide a description which captures what the photo represents (i.e., students walking across campus near Cushwa Hall, etc.).  For images with graphs or charts, the information needs to be entered in order to make sense to someone hearing this read back to them.  This is for people who are visually impaired and using screen reader software to interact with websites. Adding alt text to an image
  12. Linking image to web page or document: select Link (tab) in Image properties pop-up window, copy and paste or type in full web address (i.e., including http:// portion).  For document, use the Browser Server (button) and repeats steps above under Uploading A File for uploading a document Linking an image to a url
  13. Click OK (button).
  14. You are now back on the page and can further edit the placement of the image and surrounding text.

How to upload images outside of the text editor:

  1. Login and go to your account area. You can easily get to your account area by simply clicking on the ‘hello [your name]’ link at the top right on the black admin bar.
  2. Once in your account area, click on the ‘file browser’ tab. Logging in and and viewing the file browser
  3. Click on a yellow folder you have permission to upload to and you will see an ‘upload’ button (green up arrow to the top left) Selecting an image to upload
  4. Click on this upload button
  5. Click ‘choose file’ and find the file you want (PDF, JPG, GIF, etc) on your computer Choosing an image from your computer to upload
  6. Click on the ‘upload’ button again
  7. Click ‘OK’