How to Upload Files

How to upload files (e.g., .xls, .doc. .pdf, etc.):

  1. After highlighting words to link click on link tool, then select Browse Server (button)
  2. After pop-up window loads, select your department folder under documents, then click on Upload (button) in upper left hand portion of window, then click the Choose File (button), search computer for file to upload, then click on Upload (button). 
    Selecting department
    Uploading file
  3. Select the Advanced tab and enter Link to specific document (i.e., PDF, Word, etc.) file in the Advisory Content Type box to alert screen readers of the document type. 
    Adding an advisory title
  4. Click on Insert File (button) in top menu bar to create link. 
    Inserting file
  5. Note: place asterisk* after document link.