Creating Target Anchor Links

Typically target-anchor links are used for in-page navigation (i.e., menu items placed at top of the page when clicked jump down to a specific section).  Sometimes, a link is placed on a longer page that when clicked jumps back up to top (i.e., where menu is located).

  1. Create menu items at the top of page - SEE VISUAL
  2. Click in front of section where you would like to place anchor on page (i.e. spot you are looking to target when a link is clicked) - SEE VISUAL
  3. Click Anchor icon on toolbar - SEE VISUAL
  4. Give the Anchor a name (Note: one word usually works fine. If you are looking to use more than one word connect words with underscores) - SEE VISUAL
  5. Highlight text in menu then click link icon on toolbar - SEE VISUAL
  6. Click drop down arrow under Link Type and select Link to anchor in the text - SEE VISUAL
  7. Click drop down arrow under Select an Anchor By Anchor Name and select name of anchor you are looking to target with link - then click the OK button - SEE VISUAL
  8. Make sure to click on Save button (i.e. bottom of page) to save your changes

Note: in order to create a link that returns user to top of page:

  1. Click before menu at top of page and create anchor there.
  2. Create link after each section of page (i.e. that was targeted from menu).  Common usage is to create text “Top of Page” or “Return to Menu,” etc.
  3. Use link to target anchor at top of page.