How to Edit an Existing Page

How to edit existing page content:

  1. Once logged in, click on My Workbench in the top administrative menu (i.e., top left).
  2. Click on title of page under My Edits or under All Recent Content (i.e., Note: pages you have permission to edit will display a New draft (tab)). SEE VISUAL
  3. After clicking on link for page, click on New draft (tab). Note: this will create a new revision of the page saving the previous draft in case you need to revert back to this. SEE VISUAL
  4. Click on Main Content (tab) at top of page (i.e., next to the Navigation tab).
  5. Use the toolbar editor to edit content in the Body section. SEE VISUAL
  6. Click Save (button) to save new draft revision of page. Note: in order to retrieve this draft in the future -> mouse-over My Workbench and select My Drafts. SEE VISUAL
  7. In order to publish click the Apply (button) below the Published drop down menu item.  Note: select Needs Review from drop down menu then click the Apply (button) is using a review process (i.e., see instructions on using this role if you are a reviewer as well). Reviewer can either publish page directly or place page back in Draft mode.