Broken Links Checker

  1. After logging in to Drupal, click on the Broken Links link. SEE VISUAL
  2. Click on link (i.e.., URL) to see if it is working or not.  Note: some links have been identified as broken even if they redirect to a new page.  This is identified as a 301 in the Response column. SEE VISUAL
  3. To update a link on page, where it is identified as being broken, click on the link “Edit node ### link at end of row.” SEE VISUAL. This will open up page in editor.  Select Content tab, locate link in editor, update, and publish.  Note: in order to publish page
    1. select My Workbench
    2. click on link for page
    3. select My draft tab
    4. select Publish from menu and click the Apply button  
    5. in order to return to Broken links list first select the “Hello your username” link in upper right -hand corner of screen in black bar SEE VISUAL
  4. Note: if link is working or has been updated and it still shows up on the broken links list - select the Edit link settings link at end of row SEE VISUAL, uncheck the box in front of “Check link status SEE VISUAL,” then click the Save configuration button.  This will remove link from showing up as a broken link in the future.

Additional note: system administrator may need to run Cron and clear system cache from time to time in order for Broken links list to refresh (i.e.., after updates have been made).