Adding a Video to Your Page

Adding Embedded Media (ex. YouTube)

  1. Login and edit a page or create a new one.
  2. Under the ‘Main content’ tab navigate to the rich text editor (RTE).
  3. Click the button that has a film image. When you hover over the button it says ‘embed media.’ ​
    Clicking the embed media button.
    Embed media window appears.
    Clicking share on a youtube video.
    Copying the embed code from a youtube video.
  4. A new box pops up that says ‘Paste embed code here.’ Here is where you would post an embed link from your media player. An example link from YouTube looks like this:
    1. <iframe frameborder="0" height="315px" src="//" width="560px"></iframe> ​
      Pasting code into embed media box.
  5. Once the player is in place, you can review the source code and change the media play size by adjusting the ‘media_embed’ div size. An example looks like this:
    1. <div class="media_embed" height="315px" width="560px">