How to Create an Area Panel Page

  1. Login and mouse-over My Workbench, then Create Content, and select   -> Area Panel Page –
  2. Enter page title in Title box.
  3. Click the +plus sign under Page Content Area and click radio button in front of your department/area.
  4. Enter text in Menu Label box.  Typically, this is the same as the text you entered for the page title (i.e., note: it could be shorter in order to be utilize space in your department navigation menu bar. Also, a label needs to be entered even if you choose –None- for Menu in next step). 
  5. Menu: select your department/area from menu in order to make page clickable from department navigation bar  (i.e., select None for to NOT include as part of your department menu).
  6. Menu Weight: lower numbers, include negatives, have a higher position in a menu. Use in coordination with step 5.
  7. Select Main Content tab and add content to your panel.
  8. Select a layout from the drop down menu under Full Page OverrideNote: the default layout appears first in list.
  9. Click Save button when finished.  Alternatively, click on Preview button to see how page looks before clicking the Save button.
  10. Note: what makes this page different from an Area Page is the panelizer option at the bottom of the ‘navigation’ tab. This allows you to break from the traditional two column layout of the Area Page. Note: the default layout for an Area Panel Page is the 2 Column layout.
  11. Additional Note: you will most likely only use Area Panel Pages for your homepage or other page that requires a different layout than the default.

How to Add Content to Panels/Panes

  1. Click on the Custom display tab, then click on the content link (located in the middle of the page).
  2. This will take you to a page where you have areas where you can add content. The areas you see will be determined by what layout you originally chose and what permissions you have.           
  3. Navigate to an area (i.e., panel) and click on the ‘gear’ icon. Clicking this icon will give you a few options, including ‘add content’
  4. When you choose ‘add content’ a new box will pop-up and give you access to any content you have permission to add.
  5. Select the New custom content link.
  6. Administrative title: <optional> internal title to identify pane.
  7. Title: enter text for title of pane. Note: leave blank if no title will be used for pane.
  8. Body: add content here.
  9.  Click Finish button when done.
  10. Once the new content has been added, you can drag and drop it into any area, in any order you prefer.
  11. Make sure you click the Save button once you finished with changes.
  12. To publish content:
    i) Select the Moderate tab and look for the version highlighted in pink (i.e., "This is the current revision. The current state is Draft.”).
    ii) To see changes, select the view link associated with this version.
    iii) Change drop down menu from Need Review to Published and click the Apply button.
  13. Once you are finished adding content, click on the View tab to see your changes. You may have to refresh your cache to see all changes.
  14. Note: to remove pane -> click gear icon (upper right corner of pane) and select Remove from drop down menu.

Additional Note: changing style of pane -> click gear icon (upper right corner of pane) -> select Change (under Style) -> click the radio button in front of preferred style (i.e., Rounded corners, etc.) -> click on Next button