How to Add a New Page

How to create new page content:

  1. Once logged in, mouse-over My Workbench on black admin bar, then mouse-over Create Content and then click on Area Page. VISUAL
  2. Enter title of page in Title box (e.g., About Us, Department Staff, etc.). VISUAL
  3. Click the + sign in from of your main content area (i.e., Administrative Offices, College of Creative Arts and Communication, etc.) and then click the radio button in front of your department/office (i.e., your permissions will determine which department/offices sites you have access for). VISUAL
  4. Enter menu label in Menu Label box. Note: required even if your page will not be displayed on a menu (i.e., if you decide in the future to add this to your department menu - proceed to step 5 to update). VISUAL
  5. If your page will be part of a menu (i.e., department), select from drop down menu.
  6. If you would like your page to appear in a specific location on menu, provide a number in Menu Weight box.  Note: a lower number places an item above higher numbered menu items, this includes negative numbers as well (i.e., -12 will appear higher in a menu than -4, etc.).  If pages do not have numbers associated with them, the menu will be ordered alphabetically. Note: menu location can also be adjusted using  VISUAL
  7. Save (i.e., this will save a draft revision).  Note: in order to retrieve this draft in the future -> mouse-over My Workbench and select My Drafts. VISUAL
  8. In order to publish, select Published from drop down menu then click the Apply (button) .  Note: select Needs Review from drop down menu then click the Apply (button) is using a review process (i.e., see instructions on using this role if you are a reviewer as well). Reviewer can either publish page directly or place page back in Draft mode. VISUAL