Web Team Services


  • Provide organization and design for the YSU Website. 
  • Meet with department/office staff to discuss web site organization, design, and strategy for new or redesign efforts.
  • Provide support in terms of designing templates and providing for content organization layout in the campus content management systems (i.e., Drupal).
  • Provide training and support on using Drupal plus ADA accessibility requirements
  • Update select number of Drupal web sites residing on www.ysu.edu and cms.ysu.edu servers.
  • Provide leadership for organization and design of MyYSU portal. Other activities associated with MyYSU include: manage tabs and channels plus explore areas of integration between MyYSU and the YSU Website.
  • Provide web form and application development in Drupal.
  • Provide assistance in setting up Google Analytics for departments/offices for monitoring traffic on www.ysu.edu and cms.ysu.edu.