Supplemental Instruction

About Us

Supplemental Instruction, abbreviated SI, is a series of informal study sessions led by an SI leader. There are two-three regularly scheduled one hour sessions a week. The best part is they're free and they guarantee great study time. SI starts the first week of classes, so check out the schedule* to see if your classes has the SI support.

What is an SI Leader?

  • A student who has previously taken the class and has done well. The student will attend class again in order to offer a guided review for the current students so they also do well. If you are interested in learning more, or becoming a SI Leader, see the job description.

Why attend SI?

  • Guaranteed study time to free up your weekend
  • Activities that promote creative learning
  • Improve study skills
  • Meet people in your major
  • Have questions answered about class material
  • Grade improvement

Meet the SI leaders

SI Leaders

Bailey Kilpatrick

CHEM 1510, Chemistry for Allied Health Sciences

Breannah Bartley

CHEM 1510, Chemistry for Allied Health

Cassandra Huston

Cassandra Huston

Chemistry 1516, General Chemistry 2

Dante DeChellis

Dante DeChellis

Chemistry 3720, Organic Chemistry 2

Elena Neal

BIOL 1551, Anatomy & Physiology 1

Emily Fromel

CHEM 1515, General Chemistry 1

Jacob MacDonald

BIOL 3730, Human Physiology

Jordan Fain

Biology 2601, General Biology: Molecules & Cells

Marium Khan

SI Mentor

Monther Nassar

CHEM 3719, Organic Chemistry 1

Swan Bleacher

CHEM 1515, General Chemistry 1

Trevor Gump

Trevor Gump

Biology 1551, Anatomy & Physiology 1