Tips for Delivering Faculty Accommodation Letters

1. Meet with a faculty person during his/her posted office hours or make an appointment in week one or two of the semester. DO NOT hand your professor your accommodation letter before or after class.
2. Tell your professor a little about yourself, your abilities, and the areas that are challenged by your disability. It is not necessary to disclose the disability itself, only the limitation created by the disability.
3. Ask for suggestions from the faculty person about ways to organize and manage the material covered in class.
4. Ask if the professor is available outside of class for assistance. Try to set up a regular time to meet with them if the course is especially challenging for you. Try to get his/her e-mail address so you can contact him/her if you have any questions.
5. Keep in regular contact with the faculty member, (stopping by his/her office to bring up questions, get help, etc.) making him/her aware of any potential absences in advance, if possible.
6. Recognize that each faculty member is different. It is as much your responsibility to adjust to their teaching styles as it is for him/her to adjust to your learning style.
7. If you are not receiving your accommodations, it is first and foremost your responsibility to talk to your professor – if this does not help, then contact Disability Services.
8. If the accommodations you have received are not meeting your needs, contact Disability Services to further assist you.