The Center for Human Services Development (Center) creates and provides trainings. Below are some of the trainings offered. If you have an interest, be sure to contact us for other options.


Strategic Planning – The Center works with non-profit organizations to assist in the development of goals and objectives to move their organization forward. Through this process an action plan is developed to help the organization work towards their goals over a span of 3-5 years.

Miscellaneous – With their experience in afterschool programming, the Center has provided the trainings listed below. These trainings can be adapted for any setting.

Ethical Decision Making - Afterschool professionals are consistently making difficult decisions. Sometime more quickly than anticipated. Events, issues, and needs of students, families and staff are arising from every direction. Staff are attempting to provide students with programming that is safe, and have the best of intentions in mind; however, situations can quickly switch from innocent to ethical dilemmas that can place the students, or staff in testy predicaments. This workshop will offer afterschool professionals insight to the Code of Ethics for Afterschool Professionals, as developed by the National Afterschool Association, as well as an ethical decision-making model to ensure consistency with ethical situations. These tools will help the professionals maintain quality programming, while keeping the best interests of students, families, staff, and leadership at the forefront.

REACH Framework - Developed by the Search Institute, the REACH framework is comprised of five components:  Relationships, Effort, Aspirations, Cognition, and Heart.  The REACH framework is a scientifically based tool to use in strengthening academic motivation of students and promoting healthy positive relationships with young people.  The Center can assist in utilizing the framework to support staff in creating experiences for students that are positive and encourage academic and social-emotional growth.