Who, Why and How of Networking

Who should I be networking with?

You can network with just about anyone. Start with your family,
friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. and branch out. Look to your
doctors, faculty, professional memberships you hold, alumni, etc.

Why network?

Networking provides you an opportunity to share your skills and abilities. It also provides the opportunity to possibly hear of a job opening that hasn’t yet been posted. Take advantage of that knowledge and send in your resume. There is nothing wrong with getting a jump on a position you are interested in.

How to network?

Being prepared is key here. Be aware of who you are speaking with and what you want to share with that individual. You may not have much time to speak with an individual, be sure to provide your name and at least one thing that makes you stand out from the rest. Don’t hesitate to ask a couple of questions but again, have those questions prepared ahead of time. Don’t be aggressive. Be assertive and confident. NEVER ask for a job. Instead inquire about any job opportunities that may be available.

Items to highlight about yourself:

  1. Your degree
  2. Your goals
  3. Specific job qualifications for the position in discussion

Networking Tools:

  1. Alumni Association
  2. Informational Interview
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Professional Associations