Graduate School Preparation

Are you thinking about continuing your education?   If so, the Career and
Counseling Services office can help you.  Making the choice to pursue
a graduate degree requires preparation.  You should begin the process
16-18 months ahead of time.  By meeting with one of our Career Coordinators they will:

  • Discuss benefits of attending graduate school
  • Discuss the different types of graduate degrees available based on a major/field
  • Help you identify career paths as they relate to specific graduate degrees
  • Research universities offering graduate programs that are of interest to you
  • Explain the application process once you choose your graduate program and assist you with the application process
  • Review the different professional tests you may be required to take to be admitted into a graduate program i.e. LSAT, GRE, etc.
  • Assistance developing a resume and cover letter targeting graduate school admissions
  • Conduct a mock interview based on graduate school admissions
  • Referrals to YSU Graduate Program Coordinators
  • Graduate programs offered at YSU