How to Help Your Student

We understand that as a parent you want to support and guide your student while also letting them make their own choice.  Knowing that you have a great deal of influence with your children can make it difficult on realizing just how much advice to give.  It is our goal to hopefully provide you some guidance and answers to some of the questions you may have about your role in your student's career plans. 

Family Tips:

Encourage Your Student - There may be times when your student feels frustrated and confused and as a parent you want to step in and "fix" it. Rather than fixing the problem, encourage your student to utilize the programs and services offered by YSU. By pointing them in the direction of the Office of Career and Academic Advising, your student will have access to a variety of services to help ease that frustration and get them on the right path!

Support Your Student - Your student may make choices you are not in agreement with, however it is very important you support their decisions. About 70% of college students change their major at least once. However, no matter what the final decision is, your student needs your support.

Allow Your Student Independence - While you may find yourself wanting to lead your student down a path that leads to financial security, ultimately the choice is theirs. Allow your student to explore the many options in college to discover what truly interests them. 

Explain the Benefits of Planning - Some students fear the idea of planning.  They may assume that once a decision is made, it can not be undone. Remind your student(s) that college is a time to explore and discover new opportunities that may interest them. And even though they may choose one, that choice may change down the road.  In addition, encourage your student(s) to visit the Office of Career and Academic Advising so that we may explain all of the options for employment within their chosen major. 

Support Part-time Employment - Some students may see part-time employment as a way to just earn money while attending college. In reality, it is much more that that. A part-time job can lead to gaining experience and learning skills that are transferable form one job to the next such as time management, organization, attention to detail, etc.  It will also be a nice addition to a new graduate's resume when looking for a professional career.