On-Campus Student Employment

Remote Work Projects


YSU’s Spring Semester 2020 Remote-Work Projects program for student
employees has ended.  Below are the instructions to supervisors for how to
submit their students’ research to the university.

Due to the high number of reports being returned, it is important to use
Outlook 365’s OneDrive for Business rather than conventional attached
email.  To do this:

1.  Open OneDrive (click on the dot grid in the upper left corner when
looking at your email in Outlook 365; click on “OneDrive”).  If you wish,
you can set up a folder to share.
2.  Attached the documents and upload (into the folder, if you created one).
The files are now in the OneDrive cloud.
3.  After the documents are uploaded, select them (or the folder) and click
on “share” to send an emailed link to the appropriate project manager

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Project – Dr. Karen Becker –
Financial Literacy Project – Dr. Karen Becker – kabecker@ysu.edu
First Year Experience Project – Dr. Karen Becker – kabecker@ysu.edu
General Education Project -- Dr. Claire Berardini – cberardini@ysu.edu

For questions regarding on-campus student employment at YSU, email StudentEmployment@ysu.edu.