NIRSA Week Programs

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2021 NIRSA Week Events 

5k for Self Kare

Date: Monday, February 22 – Friday, February 26

Time: Anytime!

Location:  Virtual or Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center

Description: Campus Recreation will be holding an indoor 5k on your choice of walking/running at home, on our track, treadmill, fluid cycle, or elliptical. At this weeklong event you will have the opportunity to finish the 5k in one, two, or several days. Running and walking can improve overall mental wellbeing, it can create a meditative state in which you focus on your breathing, and it can improve your raspatory system. Be sure to tag Campus Rec in your social media!

Minimum/maximum: -

Registration/Price: Free for YSU students and Andrew’s members at

Registration deadline: February 25

Contact: Jacob Giegel

Program Name: NEDA Week Awareness 

Date: 02/22/21 – 02/28/21                
Time: N/A
Location: Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center: Lobby 
Description: Show your support for those dealing with eating disorders by writing down a note of support. Come to the front desk at Andrews Student Recreation & Wellness Center to complete. The notes will be displayed throughout the facility. prizes will be given to those who stop in! 

Cost: FREE 
Contact: Carrie Clyde or 330-941-3360

Tennis Day Tournament

Date: Tuesday, February 23

Time: 7pm-11pm

Location: Tennis Facility

Description: There is no better way to celebrate National Tennis Day than to compete in a friendly match against our Tennis Club! We will be playing singles, tournament style and the winner will get a free t-shirt.  Please wear tennis shoes with white bottoms and even though we will have some racquets, bringing your own is preferred. Check out IMLeagues to sign up!

Registration: Participants must be registered by Monday February 22 on

Cost: Free for students and Andrews members.



Program Name: Pickleball Tournament 

Date: 02/24/21                
Time: 6-9pm
Location: Andrews Student Recreation & Wellness Center
Description: Dills? Kosher? Gherkins? No, not those pickles! Imagine the rules of tennis, except with a whiffle ball and you get pickleball! See how far in the bracket you make it by registering for this pickleball tournament.

Cost: Register at by 02/23/21 FREE
Contact: Domonique Sak or 330-941-3731

Peaceful Painting (Art to Go)

Date:  Wednesday, February 24

Time: Pickup supplies by Friday, February 19

Location: Virtual (Participants will be emailed link to virtual instruction)

Description:  Campus Rec will supply you with everything you need to create your own masterpiece and a virtual lesson to get you started.  Hone in on your inner Bob Ross and tap into the powerful, positive effects of art therapy!  Being creative allows us to disconnect from stress, improve mood and memory, as well as to increase focus to produce a meditative like state.  Grab a paint brush and use your imagination to express your inner thoughts and feelings and then share your work of art and tag Campus Rec’s social media.

Minimum/Maximum: -

Registration/Price: Free for students and Andrew’s members at

Registration Deadline: Participants must reserve and pick up supplies by 2/19/21

Contact: Carrie Clyde 330-941-3360

Fit-Minute Challenges

Date:  Friday, February 26th

Time: 12:30pm - 3:30pm 

Location: Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center Lobby

Description: Join us for 1 minute fitness challenges to see who tops the leaderboard. Every 30 minutes winners will be crowned and prizes awarded!

Minimum/Maximum: N/A

Registration/Price: Free!

Registration Deadline: N/A

Contact: Cameron Adams / 330-941-3369