Diversity and Cultural Consideration

It is our department's goal for students and staff to develop an appreciation of the value of diversity in the YSU Community by displaying a respect for all participants.  Here at the Department of Campus Recreation, we offer the following programs for you to enjoy:

  • Group X class for all backgrounds (Tai Chi, Yoga, ect.)
  • Universally designed exercise equipment
  • Special orientation of exercise equipment
  • Cardiovascular equipment that is able to be formatted in many different languages
  • Safe Zone advocates and allies
  • Meditation Room facility
  • Maps of the Meditation studio are available at the control desk with the northeast direction identified for prayer
  • Basic policies have been translated into various languages as needed/requested (Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese; see below for policies )
  • Expanded Intramural soccer league
  • Offer weekly informal table tennis program
  • Set badminton equipment weekly at request by international students
  • Maintain and update ADA compliant pool lift
  • Workplace site for Rich Center
  • Offer a wheelchair accessible element on teambuilding challenging course
  • Climbing wall use to students at Rich center
  • Created specific circuit workouts using adaptive equipment
  • Implemented the Nine Pillars of Wellness campaign
  • Changed single stall restrooms in lobby to inclusive restrooms
  • Provide baby changing stations in lobby restrooms

The Department of Campus Recreation has previously supported the following programs:

  • Kayak and Camping Trip, Safer Sex Week Events, Financial Wellness, Alcohol Awareness Week, Tunnel of Oppression, Relaxation Week, Healthy Weight Day, NIRSA Day, 9 Pillars of Wellness Day, International Student Coffee Hour

If you have additional needs in order to utilize services to the fullest, please contact Joy Polkabla Byers at (330) 941-2242.