Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is a process that helps students take action and move forward in positive directions in their lives. Through active listening, observing, and asking powerful questions, coaches help students identify goals, develop intrinsic motivation, and establish methods for holding themselves accountable. As a result of the coaching process, students have a greater vision for their futures and a broader perspective on the choices and consequences they face in their lives. It promotes deeper level thinking to help students make connections, take initiative, set goals and action plans, and develop persistence, grit and accountability.


Academic coaching can be done one-on-one or in group settings. It can be done in formal hour-long sessions, or on the spot in quick exchanges.

Through the coaching process, students answer questions and engage in self-regulated and reflective activities to mindfully create:

  • Vision for what is possible
  • Balance in their academic, social, and emotional lives
  • Perspectives on the challenges they face and the choices they make
  • Accountability to themselves and others
  • Fulfillment from making choices that align with core values
  • Habits of success to help address their personal strengths and weaknesses

The Office of Associate Degree and Tech Prep Programs delivers academic coaching utilizing a “Self-Regulated Learning” framework. Self-regulated learning refers to one’s ability to understand and control one’s learning environment. Self-regulation abilities include goal setting, self-monitoring, self-instruction, and self-reinforcement (Harris & Graham, 1999; Schraw, Crippen, & Hartley, 2006; Shunk, 1996). Effective learners are self-regulating; analyzing task requirements; setting productive goals; and selecting, adapting, or inventing strategies to achieve their objectives. These are the students who ask questions, take notes, and allocate their time and their resources in ways that help them to be in charge of their own learning and life (Paris & Paris, 2001).

While the Office of Associate Degree and Tech Prep Programs has an open door policy, we encourage students to make appointments so that you have our full attention.

For more information or to register for the Academic Coaching program contact Ms. Carmella Williams.