National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSEFAQs, Psychometric Portfolio) is administered at Youngstown State every other year. Directed at first-year and senior students, it is used to discern various aspects of student engagement and the college experience that a university offers. This includes things like time and effort spent on academics, free time activities, campus life, and the types of interactions with other students, faculty, and the surrounding community. While it does not directly assess student learning and teaching methodologies, it does represent "best practices" for undergraduate education that have been empirically linked to successful outcomes and better experiences for college students. The data the survey provides is then utilized by the university to:

  • Assess and improve undergraduate education
  • Inform accountability and accreditation efforts
  • Tailor programming to better suit the needs of students 

The NSSE survey instrument, with additional topical modules (First-Year Experiences/Senior Transitions and Inclusiveness/Engagement with Cultural Diversity), were sent to all first-year and senior students in the spring of 2018.

Overview Results

Twenty percent (20%) of students invited responded to the 2018 NSSE. 

*Follow along with the downloadable webinar script.

Next Steps & Opportunities for Engagement

Lunch & Learn: NSSE Data Conversations Schedule

These hour-long facilitated discussions focus on specific NSSE data points and will provide the opportunity to dive deeper into topic areas and generate recommendations for practice. Summaries of recommendations from sessions will be shared with key stakeholders.

  • View Academic Challenge presentation slides (access with YSU credentials)
  • View Learning with Peers (includes Inclusiveness & Engagement with Cultural Diversity topical module)  presentation slides (access with YSU credentials)
  • View Experiences with Faculty (includes data on High Impact Practices) presentation slides (access with YSU credentials)
  • View Campus Environment (includes First-Year Experiences/Senior Transitions topical module) presentation slides (access with YSU credentials)

Partnership with Student Affairs & College Counseling Students

In the spring of 2019, the Office of Assessment will be partnering (for the third year in a row) with graduate students in the Student Affairs & College Counseling program to create continuous improvement research projects around specific challenge areas in the NSSE data. Check back in the spring for the student presentation schedule. 

Request Data and/or a Presentation

Email with any requests for further data, reports or presentations to your office/program/area.

Faculty & Staff: Using your YSU credentials, log-in to the OneDrive folder to access student survey data disaggregated at the college and department level. Data is sorted into folders by college

Prior Years' NSSE Data