Assessment Mini-Grant Program

"The Office of Assessment is pleased to announce the 2019-20 (FY2020) mini-grant winners!  The YSU Assessment Mini-Grant Program provides funds for projects that target assessment and improvement of student learning; increase involvement in student learning assessment activities; and help to build the assessment capacity of programs and the university. 

The Office of Assessment will be opening mini-grant applications for 2020-21 in a few months, right here on the Office of Assessment website. You can access mini-grant presentation files by logging into the Assessment Wiki using your YSU ID and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Office of Assessment for access.”

2019-20 Mini-Grant Awards

NOTE: You can access mini-grant electronic posters by logging into the Assessment Wiki using your YSU ID and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Office of Assessment for access.

Assessing and Ameliorating the (Negative) Impact of Stigma on College Experiences and Student Success; Ying (Joy) Tang, Sharon Stringer, Psychology

Assessing New Admission Graduate Counseling Students' Attitudes, Knowledge, and Skills for working with Suicidal Clients; Kristin Bruns, Christy McAllister, Chelsea Koteles, Kelsey DeMart, Counseling, School Psychology and Educational Leadership

Assessing Professionalism Among Health & Human Services Majors; Zara Rowlands, Cathy Bieber Parrott, BCHHS Assessment Committee Members, Human Ecology, Physical Therapy

Assessing Student Learning of Spinal Mobilization with Real-Time Objective Feedback; Ken Learman, Weiqing Ge, Physical Therapy

Co-Requisite Math and Physics Class Pilot Program; Alicia Prieto-Langarica, Snjezana Balaz, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy

Improving Student Perceptions of Science through Planetarium Speaker Series; Tiffany Stone Wolbrecht, Physics & Astronomy

Step it Up!; Molly Burdette, CLASS Advising

Utilizing Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT); Cynthia Smotzer, Snjezana Balaz, Physics & Astronomy

ROAD Project Collaboration; Christine McCullough, Stephanie Smith, Jonathan Farris, RJ Thompson, Lillian Lewis, Dragana Crnjak, Art

Past Mini-Grant Awardees

2018-19 Mini-Grant Awards

  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Emotion Map in Improving Students' Emotional, Social and Academic Outcomes; Ying (Joy) Tang, Psychology
  • Communication Learning Outcomes in Engineering; Mike Ekoniak, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Comparative Analysis of First Year Experience Courses in Health and Human Services; Nicolette Powe, Keisha T. Robinson, Karen Becker, Public Health, First Year Experience
  • Creating an Equitable Student Experience Through Student Conduct Processes; Kelly Beers, Avery Ware, Student Conduct
  • Incorporating a School Safety and Crisis Preparedness Curriculum within the School Psychology Program; Kathleen Aspiranti, School Psychology
  • Integrated Thoughts: Utilizing Technology for Specific Mindfulness Training to Lower Test Anxiety and Increase Understanding of Physics Concepts; Snjezana Balaz, Nicole Zayas, Physics and Astronomy, Social Work
  • Strategies for Teaching ADPIE in Dental Public Health: The Dental Hygienist's Role in Assessment, Diagnosis, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation for Community Program Planning; Ruth Palich, Dental Hygiene
  • The Effects of Cognitive Sensory Domains within Film Soundtrack Stimuli on Identified Frequency and Location of Music Characteristics; Daniel Keown, Dana School of Music

2017-18 Mini-Grant Award Projects

  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning in SCWK 3737: Methods with Groups; Andrea Barrick, Social Work
  • Teacher Education in the Digital Age; Megan List, Lauren Cummins, and Gail Saunders-Smith, Teacher Education
  • Sweet Sixteen Assessment Committee; Sara Michaliszyn and Jennifer Pintar, Kinesology
  • Open Access Resources, Ohio's Changing Landscape in Higher Education; Julie Seitz and Lance Williams, Mathematics and Statistics/Math Assistance Center
  • The Cross-Pollinated Graphic Design Curricular Model; Robert Thompson and Michelle Nelson, Art
  • Enhancing Learning Through Innovative Technology; Lance Williams and Julie Seitz, Math Assistance Center/Mathematics and Statistics
  • Investigations into Under-Resourced Student Retention; Sherri Woods, Upward Bound

2016-17 Mini-Grant Award Projects

  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training in Mindfulness Meditation on Social Work Learning Outcomes; Mari Alschuler and Suzanne Goodyear, Social Work
  • Implementing and Assessing the “The Long Night Against Procrastination” Within the Writing Center; Carly Carcelli and Amanda Miller, Writing Center
  • Integrated Clinical Education Experience in a First Year DPT Program: Does This Model Impact Student Learning and Clinical Decision Making?; Cara Carramusa, Nancy Landgraff, and Suzanne Goiffre; Physical Therapy
  • Enhancing Learning in the Professional and Technical Writing Program through Partnerships with the Youngstown Business Incubator; Jay Gordon, English
  • Financial Awareness Week*; Melissa McKenney and Elaine Ruse, Financial Aid
  • Writing Assessment as a Service Project; Angela Messenger, Joe Palardy, and Tod Porter; Writing Center, General Education, and Economics
  • Improving the Evaluation of Oral Proficiency of Second Language Learners; Diana Palardy, Foreign Languages and English Language Institute
  • Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dental Hygiene: Introduction to Self-Assessment and Evaluation; Suzanne Smith, Health Professions
  • Assessing the Impact of PSYC 3777 (Cross-cultural Social Psychology) on Increasing Students’ Sociocultural and International Awareness; Joy Tang, Psychology
  • Development of Innovative Educational Approaches for Athletic Training Education Preceptors to Enhance the Clinical Education Experience for Millennial Learners; Jessica Wallace, Human Performance and Exercise Science

2015-16 Mini-Grant Award Projects

  • Energy Consumption Analysis and Optimum Cooling Solutions for Data Centers at YSU, Kyosung Choo, Mechanical Engineering
  • Assessing Student Retention and Satisfaction with the Use of Images versus Text in PowerPoint Lectures, Dana Davis, Social Work
  • Professional Certification Examination as an Independent Program Assessment Tool, Jeffrey Dick and Felicia Armstrong, Geological and Environmental Sciences
  • Assessing “No Zebras” Sexual Assault Prevention Program for YSU, Amanda Fehlbaum, Sociology; and Kevin Carmody, Student Life
  • Assessing Student Learning in a Cultural Competency Course in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program: Integrating Technologies in Active Learning Strategies, Weiqing Ge, Physical Therapy
  • The Impact of an Overhead Classroom Camera on Physical Therapy Students’ Psychomotor Performance Using Manual Therapy Techniques, David Griswold and Suzanne Giuffre, Physical Therapy
  • Slide Rules, Thomas Madsen, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Analytics Training, Karen Larwin, Educational Foundations, Research, Technology and Leadership
  • Ethics Bowl Pilot, Alan Tomhave, Philosophy
  • Scenario Simulation in Nursing: Innovative Training for Part-time Faculty, Nancy Wagner, Lori Fusco, and Marion Kalasky, Nursing

Faculty Learning Community Report (Partnership between the Office of Assessment and the Faculty Development Committee)

  • Improving Writing Productivity through A Faculty Learning Group*, Kathleen B. Aspiranti and Sara Michaliszyn

2014-15 Mini-Grant Award Projects and Reports

  • Pedagogical Training in Cultural Competence, Azadeh Block and Dennis Morawski, Social Work
  • The Global Perspectives: International Student Support Groups, Kyoung Mi Choi, Counseling; and Karen Becker, Reading and Study Skills
  • PenguinLink Upgrade, Jennifer Johnson, Career Services
  • Improved Learning Outcomes and Assessment in Technical Theater Classes, Ellen Jones, Theater and Dance
  • Faculty Training of Dental Radiograph Grading Improves Student Learning and Assessment, Diane Kandray, Health Professions
  • First-year Biology Students’ Perceptions of Writing Skills, Johanna Krontiris-Litowitz, Biology; Joe Palardy, General Education; and Sharon Stringer, Psychology
  • Student Response System Assessment, Ryan McNicholas, Campus Recreation; and Erin Driscoll, Student Activities
  • Financial Awareness Workshops, Elaine Ruse and Melissa McKenney, Financial Aid
  • Customizable Analytics-Driven Learning Management System, Robert Thompson, Art

2013-14 Mini-Grant Award Projects and Reports

  • Experiential Sampling Study: Measuring and Improving the Daily Well-being of Accounting Students - Marsha Huber, Dominic Jackett, and Wei Wang (UCF)
  • Extreme Makeover - YSU Edition (Revamp Tutor/Instructor Training) - Karen Becker
  • The Effectiveness of Video Clips on Nursing Students' Psychomotor Skills Acquisition, Self-Confidence, and Satisfaction with Learning - Amy Weaver, Lori Fusco, and Mary Shortreed
  • Assessment Across Multiple Applications: STUDY, Class-Specific Mobile Apps, and the Confusion Meter - Robert Thompson
  • FEPAC Self-Study: An Assessment of the Forensic Science Program - Robert Wardle and Michelle Guerrier
  • YSU BCOE Boot Camp - Crystal Hawthorne
  • Engineering Retention Program - Kerry Meyers
  • Dietetic Exam Simulation for Improved Pass Rate - Jeanine Mincher

2012-13 Mini-Grant Award Projects and Reports

  • Creation of a Curriculum Sheet Website - Bill Buckler
  • Minority Student Success in Baccalaureate Nursing Programs - Cheryl Bosley
  • Senior Student Skill Assessment with the FSAT - Susan Clutter and Rob Wardle
  • Development of a Faculty and Preceptor Orientation Program - Patty Hoyson and Mary Shortreed
  • Dietetic Exam Simulation for Improved Pass Rate - Sue Leson
  • Using Technology to Enhance Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction - Susan Mark-Sracic and Robin Sakonyi

Exploring Assessment of Social Media across Disciplines - three poster presentations:

  • Students to Use Social Media to Do Scientific Research, Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz
  • Design and Facilitation of Online Discussion to Enhance Learning Outcomes, Kendra Fowler
  • Assessing End User Engagement with a College Facebook Page by Post Type, Cary Wecht and Justin Edwards​
  • Interactive Blended Learning for Statistic Data Analysis in Rehabilitation Research*- Weiqing Ge

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