The second Chapter Leaders’ Summit took place October 11, 2019. Thanks to all of these dedicated individuals who spent their day learning about campus transformations and exchanging ideas to advance our chapters.

Connecting Proud Penguins to Youngstown State

Our alumni chapters are located all across the country, but if you don't see one near you, contact Heather Belgin and she'll be happy to help you. A full listing of our alumni chapters is located below, with contact info for you to join the fun!

Map of all YSU Alumni Chapter locations

Akron Alumni Logo

Akron/Canton, OH

Chapter leader: Robin Fulton '01.

Alanta Alumni Logo

Atlanta, GA

Chapter leaders: Teresa Selee '02 

Teresa SeleeYSU Alumni events allow me to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. It's a wonderful reminder of home and great years at YSU to reminisce with fellow alums. I hope our chapter can continue to grow and expand our list of active YSU alumni in the Atlanta-area for many years to come!

Charleston Alumni Logo

Charleston, SC

Chapter leaders: John Mistak '02 and Bill Slosser '98.

Charlotte Alumni Logo

Charlotte, NC

Chapter leaders: Tom Davis '76 and Sue Abernethy Rebich '77.

Tom Davis and Sue Abernethy RebichAlthough I’ve now lived in the Charlotte area for over half of my life, my affection for Northeast Ohio has never faded. It is so exciting to help connect other YSU alumni who understand how special our university experience was, and to have an opportunity to share our memories.

Cleveland Alumni Logo

Cleveland, OH

Chapter leaders: Molly Graziano '92 and Daryl Hatch '82.

Columbus Alumni Logo

Columbus, OH

Chapter leaders: Eric Boldan '94 & '01, William Kasiara '74, and Jessica Valsi '12.

Headshot of Jessica Valsi

"My experience at YSU gave me the tools needed for my professional career. I enjoy the connections I maintain through the Columbus alumni chapter, which enable me to give back to the university that gave so much to me."

- Jessica Valsi


Head shot of Eric Boldan

Central Savannah River Area-Columbia Alumni Logo

Central Savannah River Area-Columbia (CSRA)

Chapter leader: Don Bartelmay '64.

Head shot of Don Bartlemay

“I enjoy working with alumni in the CSRA-Columbia chapter, which includes Augusta, GA to Columbia, SC. Our alumni are dedicated to YSU because it gave them all a great start in life. We all have so much in common. I have re-engaged with old friends and made many new friends, thorough our common bond of our love for YSU. We have great socials and will be working on a volunteer project this fall.” - Don Bartlemay

Dallas Alumni Logo

Dallas, Tx

Chapter leader: Martin Dzurenko '98

Greenville Alumni Logo

Greenville, SC

Chapter leader: Mike Yacavone '94.

Las Vegas Alumni Logo

Las Vegas, NV

Chapter leader: Jane Reid '73.

Jane ReidWhen the YSU Penguins living in Las Vegas get together to share a meal, we tend to reminisce about food and restaurants in Youngstown.  Everyone has their favorite pizza place (We don’t have good pizza out here.  It’s tolerable but not like Y-town.).  We also share memories of campus, faculty, and the facilities and marvel at how much the University has changed.  We are all out here for different reasons, but it’s fun to share and laugh about memories from YSU and Youngstown.

Myrtle Beach Alumni Logo

Myrtle Beach, SC

Chapter leader: Joe Calcagni '80.

New York City Alumni Logo

New York City, NY

Chapter leaders: Robert Bole '08, Jill Hecker '97 and Bill Burley '93

Headshot of Robert Bole
"I spent the first 23 years on my life in Youngstown; attending St. Dominic's Grade School, Cardinal Mooney High School, and Youngstown State University. Youngstown and YSU were very good to me and I love to connect with and help out those from Youngstown and YSU Alumni whenever I can. I hope those in the NYC area or those visiting will let me know how I can help." - Robert Bole


Orlando Alumni Logo

Orlando, FL

Chapter leader: Chynna Thompson '17

Chynna ThompsonI love being able to bring alumni in the Orlando area together because of the stories we all have to share. Learning about the YSU of the past and sharing present and future endeavors of the university is one way we keep the Penguin Pride alive here in Central Florida! 

Phoenix Alumni Logo

Phoenix, AZ

Chapter leaders: Patrick Becker '92 and Wendy Taylor '89.

Pittsburg Alumni Logo

Pittsburgh, PA

Chapters leaders: Nick Dubos '88 and Regis Ryan '03.

Nick Dubos"I believe it is extremely important and valuable for alumni to feel connected to YSU no matter where they live but especially if they moved outside of the Youngstown area. This "connectedness" and pride brings shared meaning, joy, and wonderful memories to our lives. For these reasons I enjoy connecting alumni in Pittsburgh to YSU and each other." – Nick Dubos

Savannah Alumni Logo

Savannah, GA/Hilton Head, SC

Chapter leaders: Bill Schuler '00 and Amy Schuler '05

South Florida Alumni Logo

South Florida, FL

Chapters leaders: Gina Harwood '11 & Megan Massacci '04.

 Head shot of Megan Massacci

“It is always such a nice feeling to meet someone from home, there are immediate connections, whether it is through people we know in common or the food back home. It is always fun to reminisce about some of our favorite Youngstown “must haves” when going back for a visit, Miami has some amazing restaurants, but you just can’t compare to the small hometown restaurants that Youngstown and Northeast Ohio have to offer.” - Megan Massacci

Gina HarwoodAs one of the South Florida alumni chapter leaders, I enjoy connecting alumni with each other. We all seem to share similar work ethics, values and memories of our beloved Youngstown State University. When we gather, it feels like family!

Tampa Bay Alumni Logo

Tampa Bay, FL

Chapter leaders: Dick Spong '64 and Sal Guagliardo, Jr. '12.

Washington DC Alumni Logo

Washington, DC

Chapter leader: Max Gocala-Nguyen '15.

Head shot of Max Gocala

“I enjoy connecting with alumni because I thoroughly enjoy sharing memories of Youngstown and YSU. Through our alumni society I am able to hear so many new stories that help to create a deeper connection, but also strengthen our Penguin family. When you are in the D.C. area, please do not hesitate to reach out!” - Max Gocala

Wilmington Alumni Logo

Wilmington, NC

Chapter leader: Denny Clouse '72.

Messages From our Chapter Leaders to Current Students

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