Computer Information Systems Major

Do you hear that? Google's calling. A degree in computer information systems will help you get ahead of the competition and into a programming career you'll love.

What You'll Study

Within the major, you will learn how to design software applications and ensure computer systems are secure.

Conceptualize, design and implement high quality information systems with courses like Database Development and Electronic Commerce Programming. You'll have experience with everything from a simple single-user system to more complex networks. By the end of the program, you can expect a thorough understanding of application programming, networking and telecommunications, database design, cyber security and more.

A minor is a required for the Computer Information Systems major. With a variety to choose from, you can personalize your degree to match what it is you are most interested in.

Master of Computing and Information Systems available for this major. 


  • Computer Information Systems Major

    All students take 88 credits of computer information courses that teach how to:

    • Write computer programs in two or more programming languages.
    • Solve computer networking problems.
    • Communicate effectively with written reports.

    Course Listing


Internships and Jobs


  •  Turning Technologies
  •  GBS
  •  ComDoc, Inc.
  •  Intellitech
  •  Globo Mobile Technologies
  •  Cloudeeva


  •  VMware
  •  Amazon
  •  McAfee
  •  Intel
  •  Google


One More Thing

You learn how to analyze, design, develop, and troubleshoot a wide range of computer applications using several programming languages/problem solving techniques. You also learn the basics of how organizations function on a daily basis, which can help prepare you for a number of different positions in the computer world."

Zac Czopur, Class of 2016