The art department offers a variety of facilities to fit your needs as an art student. From labs, studios and advanced equipment, the facilities provide advantages to your education.

Interdisciplinary Sculpture Studio Facilities

The studio facilities for interdisciplinary sculpture studio students is in a newly constructed wing of Bliss Hall. Including an 18-station computer lab and 3,000 square foot exterior work court, the facility also offers dedicated spaces for:

  1. welding
  2. metal casting
  3. plastics
  4. woodworking
  5. hot glass

Ceramics Facilities

Over 6,000 square feet of studio space is available for ceramics students. The space spans two floors and includes separate areas for:

  1. wheel throwing
  2. handbuilding
  3. glaze and clay mixing
  4. plaster work
  5. documenting artwork

Firing possibilities are available, including two internal kiln rooms and a gated external kiln area. You'll also get to exhibit your work in the Student Project Gallery.

Painting and Printmaking Facilities

  1. The painting program offers two spacious, naturally lit studio rooms and individual studio spaces for advanced art students.
  2. Printmaking facilities have undergone some changes in the past few years to ensure the use of the safest and most current equipment and materials in the field.

McDonough Museum of Art

McDonough is located next to Bliss Hall on the YSU campus. It is a collaboration with the College of Creative Arts and Communication. McDonough hosts events such as exhibitions, TEDx events and Mad About the Arts. TEDx events provide TED-like experiences, combining TEDTalks video and live speakers. Mad About the Arts offers an evening of music and art for the community to enjoy.