Digital Media Track


What You'll Study

Following the Digital Media track of the Studio Art major, you’ll explore the ways in which evolving digital technologies are engines of personal and cultural expression.

You’ll experiment with new ways of expressing yourself uniquely through computers and other technology. And you will discover that technology becomes a tool for personal expression, as well as an instrument for the artistic manipulation of data for creative end-user experiences and interaction.

Areas of exploration in your courses include:

  • Video
  • Web interactivity
  • Non-web interactivity
  • Digital installation and performance
  • Still imagery


  • Digital Media Track within Studio Art Major

    Your curriculum will survey recent digital art history as well as practices that embrace experimentation with technology across disciplines. You'll take foundational courses first before moving into the 15 required concentration courses, including a junior portfolio review, senior project and senior seminar.

    Course Listing