Ceramics and Sculpture (3D Studies) Track

What You'll Study

The Ceramics and Sculpture program offer tracks within the Studio Art major. These tracks give you a foundational understanding of 3D design, sculpture and ceramics. As you're developing a comprehensive understanding for the three-dimensional media, you'll discover which concept is most relevant to your personal artistic interests.

Combining a customizable educational experience with hands-on learning, you'll prepare for a career in:

  • Fine or craft artistry
  • Independent or production design
  • Museum employment
  • Consulting architects and interior designers
  • Tile, mold or model making

YSU offers one of the largest ceramic studios in the state with over 6,000 square feet of space spanning two floors. And sculpting tools and media are just as impressive. As a student, you will get to use the newest facilities in the new wing of Bliss Hall, with ample individual work space.

The program also gives you the chance to collaborate with engineering and business students to develop new pieces using innovative technologies like 3D printing.


  • 3D Studies Track within Studio Art Major

    Through the Studio Arts major, you can follow the Ceramics and Sculpture (3D Studies) track to complete your BFA.​

    The Ceramics faculty, curriculum and facilities support a wide variety of approaches to contemporary ceramic art, including functional, sculptural and design-based methodologies. You’ll work with a variety of formats, including techniques based on the object, time, installation, utility and industrial applications. Later as an advanced student, you’ll be equipped with a semi-private studio space and work in a creative environment with open studio hours seven days a week.

    Sculpture courses focus on technical, critical and professional skills. You'll grow as an artist by being exposed to traditional processes such as carving, clay modeling, welding fabrication, assemblage, mold making and bronze casting. 3D digital production, rapid-prototyping, video and new media are some of the contemporary processes you'll learn.

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One More Thing

My favorite aspect of the art program is the diverse, inspiring, creative and always helpful faculty, as well as the students who have become much like a family to me over the years. I enjoy the sculpture program and have found a new love in three-dimensional art. The art program has prepared me for my future by allowing me to explore a plethora of different mediums and communicate with fellow artists."

Bobbi Kukura, Class of 2017