Art Education MA

Admission to the MA in Art Education has been suspended.

Enhance your professional skills as an educator and grow as an artist. Our Art Education graduate program gives you the courses you need to advance in both.

What You'll Study

Designed to help you develop your artistic, pedagogical, research and leadership skills, the Art Education master's program gives you an in-depth study of studio, art history and art education theory. The program can be applied toward doctoral study, national board certification and state educator licensure.

You'll examine art education theory and research, as well as grow in a variety of art areas, including painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design and photography. The skills you gain will strengthen your capacity in teaching a dynamic K-12 visual arts program.


  • Art Education MA

    Coursework for the master's program is broken into two parts:

    1. Graduate Studio Core. You'll earn 23 credit hours of studio courses and an advanced capstone studio project.
    2. Graduate Art Education and Art History Core. This includes 15–20 credit hours of art education, education research and art history courses.


    Program Overview
    Admission Requirements