Emergency Medical Services Associate

Train to respond first to emergencies and make a difference in a fast-growing field with our associate degree program in Emergency Medical Services.

What You'll Study

The emergency medical services career is a dynamic and rapidly growing profession in the United States.

Our program prepares you for a career as a paramedic, where you'll provide pre-hospital medical care to patients experiencing emergencies. You'll receive advanced training with a curriculum that focuses heavily on organizational, managerial, clinical and research aspects of emergency services. A combination of field experience, clinicals, lectures and seminars will give you a well-rounded education.


  • Emergency Medical Services Associate

    To enroll in the program, you must:

    •  Be at least 18 years old
    •  Hold a valid driver's license or state-issued ID
    •  Have a completed physical by your family physician
    •  Be Ohio certified as an EMT
    • Submit an FBI and BC1 background check

    After successfully completing all requirements for enrollment and prerequisite biology course and lab, you will move onto the core courses for the program.

    Course Listing

One More Thing

The program greatly prepared me for work in the EMS field. The field internships that were completed at one of several private ambulance companies gave us first-hand experience of what we would be seeing. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in EMS—great instruction along with close bonding with your peers."

Steven Stilson, Class of 2015