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What is MyYSU?

MyYSU is an internal portal or website that allows YSU students, faculty and staff quicker access to the type of information that relates directly to their needs. It is the cyber point of entry to information and online services at YSU. Whether it is campus events, news releases, links to favorite websites or an up-to-date weather forecast – it is all in MyYSU – and more features and customization options are being added all the time!

What is the purpose of MyYSU?

MyYSU provides the YSU community a secure online gateway where electronic communication, teaching and learning, networking and University business can thrive in an intranet environment. The primary goals of MyYSU portal implementation are to:

• provide increased web access and self-service capabilities.
• increase availability of and access to campus computing systems.
• provide a level of technological services that meet the ever-growing expectations of students, faculty, and staff.
• improve the way students, faculty and staff communicate among themselves and with each other.

Who will use MyYSU?

MyYSU is for all current students, faculty and staff. You will receive access to a common area (via Home tab and My tab) in addition to specific areas based on your roles within the University (Student tab vs Employee tab).

How and when will MyYSU be introduced to the campus?
The first phase of MyYSU will be rolled out to pilot groups in Spring 2006. Over the late summer and early fall of 2006, MyYSU will be rolled out to all staff, faculty and students. The first phase will include features such as e-mail, calendar, groups and single point access for existing computing systems, such as SID and SOLAR.

The second phase, which will be rolled out in April 2007, will include integration with Banner Self-Service, such as student registration, student accounts balances, etc. It will enable the University to become a truly Unified Digital Campus.

What features does MyYSU offer?

• MyYSU portal is intended to be the primary, single-point access for users of Banner modules, existing University computing systems, and general communications among   all campus constituencies as well as interesting and compelling content.
• MyYSU portal will be available 24 hours, seven days a week, from either on or off campus.
• MyYSU portal will be the means to distribute announcements to a variety of targeted user groups as well as the entire University community.
• MyYSU portal will provide access to an e-mail system that can be used by students, faculty and staff as the primary means of e-mail communication throughout the   University.
• MyYSU portal will provide a calendar system for meeting and event scheduling.
• MyYSU portal will provide Group Studio functionality for announcement, file sharing, discussion groups, e-mail distribution lists and chat room.

What are the MyYSU pilot groups for Phase I in Spring 2006?

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