Edit, Delete, and Reorder Menus

How to Edit Existing Menu Links:

How to Delete an Existing Page

How to delete and existing page:

Using Wave Tool to Check Pages for Accessibility

  1. Open new browser tab or window and and go to WAVE site.

Using the Spell Checker

Spell Checker Instructions

How to Edit Side Bar Content

  1. Click on My Workbench.
  2. Locate side bar under My Edits or All Recent Content (i.e., click view all link to display all pages and side bars).
  3. Click on side bar title.
  4. Click New draft tab.
  5. Make changes i

How to Add Side Bar Content to Your Page

How to create side bar pages:

Side bar pages are a bit different from regular pages, in that they behave like independent blocks that you can reuse. There are two ways to create side bar content.

Method #1

Adding a Video to Your Page

Adding Embedded Media (ex. YouTube)

How to Upload Images

How to upload images inside the rich text editor:

How to Upload Files

How to upload files (e.g., .xls, .doc. .pdf, etc.):

Creating a Table