Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Students

The assistantship program is predicated on the idea that graduate students, given an oppor­tunity to assist the faculty, provide a service to the institution and also gain valuable experience through this work in association with the faculty. Appointments to assistantships are made by the dean of The College of Graduate Studies only upon recommendation by the student’s academic department. In those instances, in which the student indicates acceptance of an assistantship award after April 15, the student may not accept another appointment without first obtaining formal release for this purpose.

Applications for assistantships must be accompanied or preceded by application for admis­sion to the College of Graduate Studies. All applicants and current students with superior credentials including first-year international graduate students may apply for gradu­ate assistantships.

Graduate assistants may be assigned to instructional, research, and/or other academic duties as determined by the department in which the assistant is appointed and as approved by the dean of The College of Graduate Studies.


Please note: Students receiving Graduate Assistantships will be limited to working no more than 20 hours/week. Other employment on the YSU Campus requires approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies. No students are permitted to work more than 25 hours/week.

Cushwa/Commercial Shearing Graduate Fellowship:

The Cushwa Fellowship is available to STEM students only. The Cushwa family, in conjunction with the YSU Foundation, established the Charles B. Cushwa, Jr./Commercial Shearing Inc. Graduate Student Scholarship/Fellowship Fund in 2003 to provide students the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees, acquire career experience, and offset some of the financial challenges of continuing their education. In addition, the community benefits from these scholars’ interactions with local businesses that bring the resources of the University into the local economy.

Please be sure to contact your graduate program director if you are interested in the Cushwa Fellowship. If interested, please complete the application*.

For PhD in Materials Science & Engineering Students:

Appointments to doctoral fellowships are made by the Dean of Graduate Studies upon recommendation of the program. No award may be committed to or made until the student has been admitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

If you are interested in applying for a PhD fellowship, fill and submit Doctoral Fellowship Application form*.

Please return your application to the College of Graduate Studies, located in Coffelt Hall. If at any time you have questions or concerns with regard to the graduate assistantship or fellowship programs, please call us  at 330-941-3091, or visit us in Coffelt Hall.

For Graduate Assistant Interns (GAIs)

The areas of Student Experience, Student Success and Enrollment Management award several graduate assistant internships (GAI) each academic year to eligible graduate students. The following link provides information on available positions: Graduate Assistant Internships

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