Physical Education Major

Chiropractic medicine, coaching, fitness and wellness training, nutrition—it's a field that's so much more than gym class. Earn your degree in Physical Education to find a variety of career opportunities.

What You'll Study

Through a combination of both health and education courses, you'll gain knowledge and skills essential to a career in teaching, athletic training, fitness, physical therapy and more.

The Physical Education major will teach you how to:

  • Apply scientific and theoretical concepts in the discipline,
  • Organize content for student/client learning,
  • Create an environment for student/client learning,
  • Develop into a reflective practitioner,
  • Understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction and to evaluate student/client learning.


  • Physical Education Major

    The major leads to a license in multi-age education. The Physical Education major can be completed in as few as nine semesters and leads to a license in multi-age education. You'll take a combination of health and education courses to earn your degree.

    Course Listing

Internships and Jobs

  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • YSU Men's Basketball
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Ohio State University (Sports Medicine and Performance)
  • Eagle Heights Academy Physical Education Program
  • Boardman Local Schools Basketball Program
  • John Carroll University (Athletic Training)

One More Thing

My experience in the Physical Education program has been great. I was able to meet wonderful peers and faculty and get an internship traveling with the YSU men's basketball team. After graduation, I will be moving to Indianapolis for a one-year post-graduate internship with the National Collegiate Athletic Association in their Department of Inclusion and Diversity."

Julian Jones, Class of 2016